July 12, 2010

Back son.

As expected the NCAA today stated that the new and "improved(?)" basketball system with 68 teams. And guess what happened? EXACTLY WHAT WAS EXPECTED. This means you Niagra, and yes you, Morehead State will now not even count in this tournament, and hopefully SHAFT THE FUCK OUT OF NORTHERN IOWA.

This now means that the basketball tournament will have an increase in talented team and a decrease in shit teams.What was before considered the first round of the tournament will now officially be known as the the second round (according to the NCAA) with the first round of games changed to the first four play-in games. This of course will change in 8 months when everyone forgets this and goes back to the old way of doing things. The first games don't matter and the other 64 teams do, and matter even more with better teams and better channels.

Then we can all drink and enjoy the USC's and the Boston College's instead of the Idaho State School of the Blind's.

As for site news, there will begin to be more and more posts coming up to the football season for college and as we approach August and now that the World Cup is over. I've hired Paul the squid to help me with the Friday Afternoon Substance Abuse posts. He's struggling with his new found fame. I found him last night passed out with a bag of coke and an Asian stripper. He's so cool.