April 14, 2011

Well Then.

It's cool that Josh Selby has decided to leave. And I have no problem with his decision at all. He's clearly got the statistics to back up such a move. He played 26 games. TWENTY-SIX. That's like playing TWO high school seasons. So he got plenty of game time. 

Then he averaged 7.9 points a game. Doesn't look that good, but consider this. He didn't have his headband. So, under the law of "Apparel Depreciation" he should have dropped his scoring average by 90%. So really, only dropping 60% isn't that bad. THE STATISTICS ARE THERE GUYS.

The guy shot 37% from the field. Like only 400 other players did that this year. He even shot a SCORCHING 36% from three. That puts him in the top 80th percentile among guards. THE NUMBERS ARE SO INCORRIGIBLE. 

And, lets not forget how good he was at being on the court. He only missed TWELVE games. You know who missed more games? Kyrie Irving and Robbie Hummel. And guess what they are doing right now? ONE IS GOING TO THE NBA AND THE OTHER IS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. That's enough evidence right there for Josh to leave. IT'S CALLED PRECEDENT YO. 

And let us not forget how he told us of his decision. Through his PR savvy, he implemented his twitter account to tell everyone in one quick motion. That way there is no confusion. No need to set up a press conference or tell Bill Self. Just hit it (the iphone buttons) and quit it. That's what a true athlete does.

So good luck on your adventures in the NBA. Surely you will be a lottery pick, and if my predictions are correct, you should be the next Von Wafer.