September 17, 2010

FASA - Week 3

Just gonna do photos. This is James Simms. He has a flat top and protects it with a doo rag.

Again, this week contained limited posts, but that's what Halo Reach will do to you. Anyways, after a good set of games last week, we follow up with a large pile of gay condoms. Lots of AIDS this week. Only one ranked match up, and it's at fucking 10 o'clock eastern. Fucking scheduling people. What does it mean?

7 - Touchdown

9 - Interception

6 - Sack


Kansas vs Mississippi State - ESPN - 8 pm et

1 - James Simms gets a carry

2 - Southern Miss gets a first down

3 - Daymond Patterson touches the ball

4 - Southern Miss runs the option.

5 - "Georgia Tech win"

600 - Brett Farve is at the game and injures his throat from cheering.

Kill yourself if KU loses this game. Seriously. We beat fucking Georgia Tech.


Arkansas vs Georgia - ESPN - 12pm et.

1 - "AJ Green"

2 - (AJ Green)

3 - Run for 5 yards or more

4 - Pass for 15 yards or more.

5 - Passing touchdown

100 - Ryan Mallet does a Gallagher and starts smashing objects on the sideline with a mallet.

Drink at will for a Georgia win. It's really not an upset. They're favored.

 USC vs Minnesota - ESPN -  3:30 pm et

1- Minnesota completion

2 - Dillon Baxter touch

3 - Ronald Johnson touch

4 - Minnesota first down

5 - Matt Barkley throws a pick

800 - It snows in Minnesota

Finish your beer and then eat a cheese brat if Minnesota wins.

Texas vs Texas Tech - ABC - 8pm et

1 - Reference the game two years ago

2 - (the game two years ago)

3 - "Colt McCoy"

4 - "Michael Crabtree"

5 - Taylor Potts throws a TD

400 - Tommy Tubberville sends someone to the shed.

Finish a beer and finish yourself off because Texas Tech won.

Iowa vs Arizona State - ESPN - 10:30pm et

1 - Rick Stanzi completes a pass

2 - Adam Robinson breaks a 5 yard carry

3 - "BCS"

4 - Nick Foles throws a pick

5 - Nic Grigsby breaks a tackle

600 - Kirk Ferentz makes sex with a cougar on the sideline.

Drink some shots with varying amounts of volume for an Arizona win.


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