December 22, 2009

Friday Afternoon Substance Abuse: Let's talk about bowls

This is a weekly blog that compares the likes of college sports and addictive drugs, and then rolls it into a tight little blunt I like to call the Friday Afternoon Substance Abuse. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, then clearly you have participated in some Friday morning substance abuse. So get ready to sit Indian Native American style and stare at a bookshelf for 3 hours cause it's time to drop some acid.

I'm sure you've been in suspense for the past week waiting for the FASA. Bowls have come and gone, and yet still no FASA. But, let me just list off the names of these bowls: R+L Carrier New Orleans bowl, St. Petersburg bowl by Beef 'O' Brady's, and the New Mexico bowl (now featuring teams not from New Mexico!).

You know you've made too many bowls when you can't make up interesting names for the bowls, and just rely on the geographical positioning in the naming process. That's why I haven't been giving you predictions, because really, who cares if Wyoming upsets Fresno St. That's right, no one. These games have been worse bowls than ditch weed, and therefore I haven't blessed them with my predictions, but now we get into the good shit.

December 20, 2009

Battle of the year. Cannan vs Wilt

This was a game that will be remembered for centuries to come. Little Kid Cudi's will tell of the day where Jim Brown's record for most rushing yards in one game was shattered by the Kansas City defense (and Jerome Harrison). Little Tim McGraw's in Kansas City will remember this day as Black Sunday, where not only did they have to go to church at nine in the morning, but then wouldn't even have the satisfaction of watching Jamaal Charles become Priest Holmes Jr.