January 18, 2011

Late night blogging: Bart Scott and MLK

I had a dream, to make a video, involving Bart Scott's rant. I was successful. Go, 'Merica.

Gil Meche: Successful at Giving up

The comfort zone is resting an arm in Arizona with other retirees 
Today, Gil Meche hung up the last remnants of his shoulder blade, confirming the fact that the Royals will be using a 3 man rotation next year. This, of course, ends a career of pure mediocrity, that paid off to the tune of 55 million dollars over five years. What was the Royals return on that investment? An 84-83 record.

This reminds me of many others that gave up before they actually paid their dues to the world.

Kurt Cobain
I just went to mainstream, bro.

Nice job pussy. Maybe next time you consider helping your band mates. What the hell are they doing anymore? Probably working for Starbucks. This guy is a dick. He should have killed himself twice. Once for being depressed, and once for being a total dick and killing yourself.

Heath Ledger

"Oh hey guys! I'll just put out an Oscar performance and then kill myself. OK BAI." Go fuck yourself Heath. You masterfully did what no one else could do, which is make the Joker a believable character. Then, just to make sure everyone knew how for real you were in this character, you go crazy and die. You sir, are selfish.

John F. Kennedy

OH, YOU TOO SCARED TO FACE THE COLD WAR. Pussy. I know you have no soul, being that you are a ginger, but that doesn't mean you couldn't bless this Earth with your infidelity. You were supposed to pre-date Clinton as the first President to rail a bitch (publicly) who wasn't their wife in the office. Great job, at not living.