January 8, 2010

Coach Carroll, you're a fucking moron. I'll miss you.

Everyone has those memories that, no matter how old or senile, they can recall the exact details of the scenario. The cliche events that spark such memories are typically 9/11, Pearl Harbor and that time you sharted while taking the SAT. Pete Carroll's departure from USC, an equally harrowing event for me, will forever be commemorated by the image of John Buccigross' look of surprise when Chris Mortenson broke the rumor on Sportscenter. 'Twas a face that was all too similar to the kind that a woman makes when her man goes forcefully northward with his dick placement during intercourse without warning. I would soon feel that woman's pain.

Welcome to the buffet Jim

This is a new thing we are gonna do here at Herm's Perm. Every Friday, we'll do a little photoshopping fun, and it won't have a lot of words, but it will have a lot of fun. Another new thing happening tonight, BUBB RUBB, because that fucker seems to think posting once a month is ok. He's more sporadic than Donny McNabb's passes. Of course, with the tragic unfolding of today, he was destined to post. But first, our opening Perm's Portrait.

January 7, 2010

It's that time of the year

Now, I know everyone is going on about it, but I read this story on ESPN that was just plain perplexing. Now if you haven't read the story, click on the link above. The new director of the BCS, Bill Hancock, basically does the annual PR press conference, defending the millions of dollars he gets to make no decisions.

January 6, 2010

Rex Ryan has a big dick and knows how to use it

Fresh off two "wins" Jet's coach Rex Ryan gave his guess on who will win the Super Bowl this year. Albeit, a biased prediction, but quite a ballsy one. He chose, the Jets. Well chosen, because I remember when a rookie QB took a team to a Super Bowl win. Oh, wait I don't, BECAUSE THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

January 5, 2010

I've know why the BCS suck.

It's fucking Fox. The telecasts are horrible. I was just watching the Iowa Georgia Tech game, and my roomate walked out during the pregame to say "they play the National Anthem on air?" and after realization, I realized that it's the stupidest shit ever. Unless it's the Super Bowl, and Rihanna is doing the Jamacan national anthem, then yes, feel free to watch this, and feel free to complain about it. Not a no body from small town Mississippi doing America's. There is no need. We know what it sounds like, and we know that that person can sing, and if they couldn't, they wouldn't be out there. Scrap that shit Fox.

January 3, 2010

Jamaal? Fuck that, he's Jesuus.

There was a post on Deadspin today that kind of pissed me off. Not because it was poorly written, but that it was just poorly thought out. It's main point stemmed from the NFL giving draft picks to teams so they don't Colt it up against the Jets. I wasn't a fan of that, as was Deadspin's Barry Petchesky, but he countered it by saying that bad teams throw just as many games for draft picks as good teams do for rest. One reason why this isn't true is because those teams already suck, and being shitty, they are more likely to loose anyways, countering a good team throwing a game, who should be winning games. Then, there are always those teams who show up for the final game, just to get a payday.

The one team that was within top pick draft ability going against a contender this weekend was the Chiefs, and man did they toss that idea back at Barry. Not only did they beat a team in playoff contention, we beat them at their home. And to add even more amazement to it, this team we beat was our top rival, the Broncos. And not just to beat them, but to fucking reverse Mr. Hands them, that is what made this so sweet.