June 9, 2010


Hey, look. Everybody cares about Big 10 expansion now. Now that the Big 12 is fumbling the situation like Adrian Peterson. The Pac-10 has jumped in for all of Texas because they like steakhouses and conservatives. Wait...

And Nebraska and Mizzou are on a deadline for Friday to make a decision to the Big 12 on what their intentions are. This deadline will have no effect, considering they have no reason to tell the Big 12 what their decision is. What is the Big 12 gonna do when Mizzou and Nebraska say they will stay, and then a week later join the Big 10? Slap their wrist? Make fun of their teeth? No, you will then dish Texas to the Pac-10. This of course leaves the Kansas schools alone, lonely with their wheat and meth. In fact, Kansas is so lonely, that they are the only state that thinks the the Big 12 will make it through this mess.
That is denial at it's best. And what the fuck does Vermont have in this race?

As it goes, Texas, Mizzou and Nebraska leave, there is only Kansas and Kansas State left. Iowa State and Colorado are only viable if linked to a conference. They have no power to start their own conference. This is, of course, very important to me, being a student at the University of Kansas, majoring in Ticket Scam and minoring in Blackmail. It's a B.A. degree if you were wondering.

You're totally going to miss this Texas.
Anyways, this totally ruins this shit of a conference. I will admit, I'm not really a fan of these teams. Like, who gives a fuck about Texas A&M? Iowa State? Fucking Baylor? No one. In fact, there really is only four schools that matter, of course being Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, on a national scale. The rest are really just filler schools. And the worst part is that there are only 2 games that are nationally popular in the league. Texas vs Oklahoma in football, and Texas and Kansas in basketball. The rest is just a shitpile. And that is why the Big 12 is getting hacked.

The East coast looks down upon our midwestern schools, and the west coast is too high to give a shit. Therefore, ratings only come from the Midwest, which is the least populous area of the contiguous US.  Geographically, It's fucked as well. The Texas schools are closest to the SEC, but the SEC doesn't need any schools. The Pac-10 needs schools, but Texas is, like, way far away.
Oh sweet Jesus. NOOOO!

The Big 10 wants schools, And Missouri and Nebraska are kind of close, and Kansas is just outside the perimeter. It's weird to think that the most prestigious basketball school in the nation is now looking at a situation where it is conference-less. It doesn't make sense that Kansas could soon be playing in the national championship with the Mountain West, just a few years removed from winning it all with the Big 12.

And the state of Texas is all to blame. The Pac-10 would be targeting Kansas as an addition, but Texas is leveraging their bid with A&M, Tech, and Baylor. You remove one of those schools and you can't tell me the Pac-10 wouldn't want the MOST PRESTIGIOUS BASKETBALL SCHOOL EVER. It makes no sense at all.

And sadly, as much as I don't really care for the Big 12, I now have to root for it to stay intact, because I in no way want to watch home games against Air Force and Colordao State in conference. Fuck it. Let's just join the Big East. I don't care. The ACC would be fun right? It will be fine going to the east coast, because you gain an hour flying back. THEY'LL ONLY MISS A LITTLE BIT OF CLASS. Screw you NCAA. Screw you hard.

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