August 7, 2009

Clean Sheet

No, this isn't a soccer blog but, if that's what will make anyone read this then maybe it could be. As of now Herm's Perm is going to be mainly for interesting takes of what I think is going on in sports. It's also going to have some signature photoshoping to go along with my stunning commentary about athletics. Mostly it will be me just being a hot head and blowing up in the face of coaches and players, but at least there will be pictures!

Also keep in mind that there will be mildly strong fucking language and should probably not come as a surprise when your eyes deteriorate because of the harsh language, but don't be concerned cause that's just a minor side effect of dealing with herm's perm. This by the way is Wilt Stilts and I currently reside in Lawrence, KS and go to the University of Kansas where the 2010 national champion's also reside. Too early? Just sit back and enjoy the educational advancement this blog will bring and don't try to get too big of a flasked dick reading.

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