August 7, 2009

Hello. I'm a Herm's Perm Blogger.

Hey. Welcome to Herm’s Perm. We’re still shitting in our diapers and eating Gerber. Everyone starts out this way. Hopefully one day we’ll grow up, get arrested for drug trafficking and live a comfortable, well-fed life in prison. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

My name is Bubb. I go to the University of Southern California. My passion for sports far exceeds my knowledge of them. I had a basketball shoe fetish in middle school. I have a man-crush on Taylor Mays. I don’t have hobbies.

Enjoy this blog. Or don’t. It’s your life.

Editor's note:
Herm's Perm has no affiliation with sperm, sperm banks, or Herm Edward's man-seed. It's just a coincidence.

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