February 5, 2010

Perm's Portrait: Something that rhymes with "two per goal Monday"

I've had the death flu for the last week. It's been like handing Ray Lewis a butcher's knife and having him go at you. That's how bad it's been, so obviously I have been creatively stagnant. That's alright though. Even if I am melting my cerebral cortex right now, I still have the perseverance to get you your weekly Perm's Portrait. This one has a surprising theme to it.

A consensus of the journalists put together this week on what question was asked most came up with Dwight Freeney's ankle sprain. Whether you are Fred Phelps or David Blaine, there was a 95% chance you were asked of Dwight's ankle.

What I don't know is why these reporters were so apt to talk to people who know nothing of Dwight's ankle, rather than just take the body part straight on with some questions. Maybe it had something to do with DFA's body issues, and asking the question would lead to a mental breakdown from Mr. Ankle. Who knows, but he sure was the most popular google trend, something he hasn't seen since he stepped on, and destroyed Nicolas Cage's career.

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