March 4, 2010

Fred Phelps hates the world of womens basketball

Hey fag fuckers. It's me again, your favorite Jesus interpreter, Freddy Phelps. I'm here to settle the dispute, about women's rights. THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE 'EM!

You see that game last night? The one with that chick who punched another chick. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY DOING NOT MAKING BABIES?

Here's the video if you didunt catch it last night.

Look, I fight legal cases for the state of Kansas for my fellow African Americans. I love them to death. I made Jim Crow laws. I'm the fucking man, but when women play sports, you know they aren't abiding by the strict life code of baptism. Why you might ask? Well, because women's sports PROMOTE LESBIANS, AND LESBIANS AREN'T RIGHT IN THIS WORLD. YA HEAR ME.

So, don't make no more jokes about the girl on girl action. It's not amusing. God is not laughing, BECAUSE GAYS AREN'T HUMAN, YA HEAR?!

Thank you,

Freddy Phelps.

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