March 3, 2010

Sherronald is MAH BOI

Tonight is the last home game of the year at the Fieldhouse of the Phog. Many of you could give two shits, but I GIVE TWO SHITS. It's been four years since I became a KU sports fan. I know it seems bandwagonny, but it's not. It's just a fact that when I got the acceptance letter from KU, I was destined become a fan. If Iowa State had given me a better scholarship package I might be a cyclone fan right now. Thank god for out-of-state tuition.

Anyways, for the last four years I have reveled in the little wide-load guy from the Chi – Sherron Collins. He came from high school as a little cornrowed balla who ate up his competitors, digested them, and then shit them out in the form of an McDonalds All-American appearance.

He came to Lawrence where he became the newcomer of the year in the Big 12, helping a Julian Wright-led team to the elite eight in 07. He came back next year to assist the game tying three pointer against Memphis in '08. He single handedly carried the 09 team to the sweet sixteen and now is staring at the most wins in Kansas history with a win tonight.

It's weird that a guy like Sherron could still have a somewhat under the radar persona as attributed from the media. A guy that has one of the winningest careers in college basketball history who is rarely talked about in terms of "best player of the year" or even "best player on KU this year." Still is there any doubt that he is the best player on the best team? There shouldn't be, especially when the guy has only known defeat at the Fieldhouse once in the four years. That's a record of 75-1.

Tonight, Sherron has his final game in Lawrence, against the number five ranked Wildcats. There hasn't been a matchup between these two teams in high rankings in the rivalry since Wilt was playing at Hoch Auditorium. So, for a historic game, infront of a historic surrounding, only a historic player could exit the sage at the most historic basketball school in the nation. And to you Sherron, bring home a win...and let's not lose again until April 6th, when we lose you.

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