April 14, 2010

USC has a good running back. HO–HUM

You'd think, well Pete Carrol is done so they suck now right? NO. Shove that idea right back up your nostril and rethink it. Here's why. (Fast forward to the :45 second mark)

Poor Pac-10. This is the backup running back. You might as well give up. Hell, Oregon is already trying to give up. This means that Bubb can go back to gloating his prized football tradition again... if he ever writes here again. **cough cough***

As for the rest of the country, you also better prepare the rape kit. Remember that hay day for USC football. Their coaches are there now, and are pissed. Not sure what at, I mean, it's goddamn sunny and 70 every day there. AND NO TORNADOES!

Anyways, give Matt Barkley the sophmore talent increase (which excludes players that should have taken that basketball scholarship **cough Terrelle Pryor cough**) and the USC running back firtility pool and you are looking at one of the best teams in the nation. Fucking assholes.

At KU, we have to drag non scholarship basketball players onto the practice field to create a little competition. God, fuck football, but GO EQUAL OPPORTUNITY!

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