April 15, 2010

Frat guy D-Row here to talk about Brandon Knight

Yo brah's. Just got done sleeping through my 10 am class and figured I do something productive with my day. At least until I get that KEGGER POPPIN' WHA WHAA! (Raises the Roof)

I hear this guy, what's his name Brandon Knight? He signed with my favorite coach ever. EVER BRAH! John Calipari. Love that dude. He does what he has to. If he needs a recruit, then he'll just dish him a few greenbacks to get him on his roster. He's just like me. If I need to get laid, then I just buy my lady a ruficolada. SHIT WORKS BRAH. (Reverses trucker hat)

And I really like Brandon Knight. Brah can ball up real tight yo. But I would like him a lot more if he did his name up all bro you know. Like my name. D-Row. My parents back at the Hamptons named me Derrick Rowland, but you know what? I gotta G up my name. That's when my frat bro T-Dawg came up with my brilliant name. D-Row. And it's rhymes with bro so you know it's bro. (Pops collar)

Anyways, Brandon should change his name to like, B-K. Like he's from Brooklyn (ed note: He isn't) because that's tight. Jay-Z says shit like that. Yo, you hear his new song? Empire State of Mind. I fucking heard it last week. Shit's tight bro. We'll gotta go mack on some honnies at the Union bro. Catch ya'll later. (Puts Oakleys on backwards)


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