April 12, 2010

Well fuck you Duke.

You may have wondered where the pissed-off-at-Duke posts have been this past week. Well, they were sitting in my dormant hard drive that decided to end itself Saturday morning, just before the begining of the semi-finals of the NCAA tournament. I'd like to attribute this hard drive failure to the copious amounts of porn that I download, the many times I drunkenly dropped my laptop, and of course Duke. Mostly Duke.

Here are a few of the things that can be attributed to Duke as well –

Kobe Byrant is now a gold medalist.

White people in striped polos inevitably look like douches

JJ Reddick


Cancellation of Flight of the Concords

Jay Bilas

The degradation of the caucasian race

Ugly people

Stealing titles from mid-major teams by paying off the refs

If only Gordon Hayward had hit that shot. The misery emanating from those blue and white douche-gays would feed my empty soul. Empty soul left from the upper half of Iowa. Still not over it. And Xavier Henry. You, you're a douche.

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