May 13, 2010


I've been getting way worked up about this Big 10 expansion. For some reason no one outside of the Big 12 is. Seems weird because it's TOTALLY FUCKING UP MY WEEK. From what I've heard though, the Pac-10 is coming to Kansas City tomorrow to talk SUPER CONFERENCE and SUPER BROADCASTING. It's the Big 12's last ditch effort at keeping Mizzou and Nebraska in the conference. If that fails, the Big 12 looks like it will be dismembered faster than a koala fighting a Kraken.

I've already shoved this down your throat, and then made you regurgitate it, and then shove it down even further, but this is such a fucked situation. So fucked, that I had to call in Herm for a new segment I like to call, WHAT IT IS HERM?!

Video may not be working because Youtube is straight Younotworking. If it does, then enjoy.

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