August 24, 2010

Preseason Partying and Bullshit

Classes have started for me, like most other schools that have normal schedules, and not that tri-mester or quarter-mester (?) crap. This symbolizes the rebirth of an actual schedule for me, which will give me interest and planning allowing me to return to blogging again here. From now until the beginning of the season, I will be running through the conferences and listing things. Just things. No real outline. Come on. It's the beginning of the school year. I'm rusty at outlines and writing. Get over it.

I'll start alphabetically today with the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The ACC considers itself a Big 5 football conference, even though the talent is weaker than that of the Mountain West. Hell, they barely edge out the Big East for second worst BCS conference.

The ACC is full of unfulfilling teams. Miami can't decide how they will lose their preseason expectations. Virginia Tech can't help but shoot itself in the foot. Florida State can't appreciate the elderly. Clemson is orange. These are all things that transpire in the conference.

Something is happening in North Carolina. I don't really know what it is. Probably racism.

Duke, Virginia, North Carolina State and Boston College. That's all the mentioning these teams will get on this blog for the rest of the season. Unless someone dies. Then it'll be SUPER GHOST 2.0

Georgia Tech will win the conference. You just can't hate a team that blatantly disregards the rest of the nation's schools offensive schemes. What's that everyone? You throw 70% of the time? I hear you. Run the ball 90% of the time right? Also, they have a black QB, and that's always a positive.

Florida State and Miami are ranked in the preseason AP poll this year. Expect for both of them to be out by week 6.
Depressed trot                                               Happy trot
Virginia Tech is all up in the top 10. They'll be out after week one. Tyrod Taylor will do something illegal. It's a tradition for (black) quarterbacks at Virgina Tech.

Maryland will hire Greivis Vasquez as President/Provost/Head Sports Coach from now and til eternity. They will lose every conference game.

Boston College will be studying on a Saturday and forget that they have a game. Somehow they still beat Duke that week thanks to an unforced safety.

No one gets the to Championship game from the conference and only one team makes BCS game.

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