August 27, 2010


I'm not one to beat black people when they are down and suspended. Wait, yes I am.
24 stands for the number of ladies he's punished for insubordination of his cock
Introducing today, Derrick Washington into the pantheon of Sexual Assault Assailants. As is known by most, I am a staunch believer in what goes on in Missouri is downright sub human. Corpses have better manners than these people. The Situation grabs more respect with one ab than does the entire state of Missouri. They think cicadas are cool. And they are totally wrong. Cicadas are the assholes of the animal species. They pick the time between 5 and 7 pm to just yell from trees. When they fly into you, they just lay on the ground and buzz around  like it's your fault they flew into you. And they only live one month and have sex and create baby cicades for next year that are just as useless as the ones previous. These animals have no excuse to exist, but they do. And this is the same for Missouri.

Anyways, to get to my point, Derrick Washington is just exhibiting those cicada like tendencies. Fucking girls, hitting them and probably blaming them for making him do it. Living for a short time, in prison where he will slowly stop talking and just die. Yelling at movies. These are all things Missourians and cicadas have in common. Also they are both disgusting.

The majestic and gracefull Blue Jay eats cicadas all day, and everyone knows that half a Jayhawk is a Blue Jay. Anyways, that might be the worst transition ever, but it brings me to this point. NEW JAYHWAWK THEMED RAP FROM INDEPENDENT RECORD LABEL!!!!

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