November 23, 2009

Perm Hall of Fame: Baron Davis

In recognition of, quite possibly, one of the most overlooked holidays in the winter months, Herm's Perm honors Baron Davis and his beard as part of the No Shave November celebration.

Davis' well-traveled facial hair hasn't reached iconic status, mainly because such a reputation requires a certain level of success. Unfortunately for Baron and his bristles, the Hornets (pre-Chris Paul), Warriors and Clippers collective ability to declare victory is GWB-esque at best.

But like any true competitor, the beard refuses to relent. At its peak, the mass of thick curls approached Kimbo Slice-like size. During which time, it not only lifted Davis to leading the Warriors in a first-round upset over Dallas, but also over Soviet Russia (in the form of Andrei Kirilenko). As they say, "in Soviet Russia, you don't grow beard. Beard grows you."

Growing a dense layer of of black moss on your face requires a lot of supplemental effort. There are two types of people who can pull off attention-grabbing cheek and chin hair growth: the homeless and the entertaining. Try as he might, Donovan McNabb will never win this award unless he can accompany his stubble with an equally eccentric personality. Intellectually deficient, unfortunately for Donnie, does not count as a type of personality.

Alternatively, Davis does stuff like this:

If you can get past the Steve DoucheNash parts in the video, Davis and his REAL step-brother (the one growing on his face) steal the show. So, with great pleasure, I present Baron Davis with this golden razor, which I hope he will keep as a souvenir and nothing more. Mr. Davis, if you must use this, I hope that it will only grace your netherregions.

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