November 28, 2009

HAPPY TURDUCKEN, HERM'S PERM! Dammit, this is tiresome.

How many of you love the movie "Clovervield?" If you don't, then stop reading Herm's Perm. I'm serious. J.J. Abrams worked hard on that movie. That film conquered Godzilla in one try. When else have the Americans dominated the Japanese so decisively.

Oh. Hiroshima.



Happy Fourth, y'all...CELEBRATE!

Well here's "Clover," contrasted with your favorite Herm's Permer. If it doesn't ignite memories...well...fuck my word choice. Try to enjoy.


Look at the eyes. Not the noses:

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Celebrity Trial Jury Selection

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  1. Great sports blog man! I have two myself. I was thinking that maybe we could do a link exchange so that we can spread some traffic around to each other.

    Let me know.