April 22, 2010

I...I'm so happy


That's right everyone. You can step off that ledge on the 96th floor. No need to jump now. Your prayers have been answered. And now we won't need to worry again for another 14 years because today CBS inked a deal with the NCAA to keep the tournament the way it is. And dare I say, the NCAA did the job right?

Yes, and YES. According to the deal, the Turner stations (TNT, TBS and TruTV[?]) will also have rights to the games, therefore allowing all the games to play at once on cable in HD. Hang on. Let me ride this boner out.... Ok. Flacid.

Bleed Scheyer. Bleed for the fans
So, what went from being a sure 96 team field where "cluster fuck" would be an understated metaphor, became 68 which is really how it should have been all along. This helps everyone, well except for the minor mid majors, at lets be serious, who gives a fuck about them. Now we'll have play in games to see who will lose to the one seed, and better teams, such as Virginia Tech this year, would get in.

It all makes sense. Revenue is good. Television is good. Big schools are happy. The NCAA, instead of shooting itself in the foot, went for the mid majors, just how it should have been drawn up all along.

My question here is this. If this works out (and it will) would it start a domino effect that would carry into football? My thoughts are that they did this deal because of the uproar in the community after the Greg Shaheen incident. The NCAA then went back to the drawing boards and did as the people wanted it.

And if this works out perfectly, who is to say that they don't mess with the BCS system to cater it to the people. Like I've said earlier here, the revenue is there, it's just a matter of pleasing the customer. Simple sales 101. Maybe if we are lucky, the NCAA will make changes for us instead of them. Fingers crossed of course. Either way, this one is a win for the fans. Chalk it up. Rock Chalk it up.

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