January 15, 2013

Vincent Smith's recollection of Clowney's hit.

What you see above is the horrific incident that Michigan running back Vincent Smith went through. This is his story ...

"I heard the snap. I knew it was coming to me. The ball. Not the hit. That was a surprise. All I remember is getting the ball, looking up and seeing Clowney inches from my nose. Then I blacked out. My spirt left my body for a few seconds, as I watched my soulless body be thrashed by that ungodly human being. Then Obi-Wan Kenobi floated down next to me. He told me he had to show me something. Time stopped at that point. The :07 point in the video. Then all of a sudden, I was whisked away to the day of my birth. Obi-Wan told me that from this point, my destiny was sealed. I watched as the doctor slapped my behind. I started to cry, like a little baby. Then Obi-Wan teleported us to my first day in elementary school. I was playing four square with my friends, when one of my school mates smacked the ball at full force at my nose. I fell over, crying. Obi-Wan muttered something under his breath. Sounded like 'little bitch,' and then turned to me and told me, 'I have one more.'  It was my first prom. I looked so excited. I watched for 40 minutes as my date didn't show up. I started crying. Obi-Wan looked at me. 'Be strong young Padawan. Use the force.' All of a sudden I was back in my body. Somewhere around the :11 point. I could feel I was on the edge of tears. My eyes were watering. I couldn't breathe. I thought it was gonna be like all the other times in my life. And then I told my self to use the force. And I did. I fought through it. I stood up, and put my helmet on, and cried. Thanks to Obi-Wan, no one saw me, because I put my helmet on. It was really weird. I should go see a doctor."

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