December 18, 2009

Bobby Knight: Regular reader of the Perm?

As you know, if you are loyal follower, I have a viscous and life shortening hate towards John Calipari. I have stated it more than twice, and yet the media has made no comment. Surely, a blog with the massive readership this one does should have the capability to bring up ideas that result in reasonable questions. I'm like Glenn Beck. I'M JUST ASKING QUESTIONS. Also asking questions, albeit months later than I was, is my newest favorite retired basketball coach/announcer Bobby Knight.

YOU HEAR THAT? Calipari has no integrity. I knew it. Take that Ashley Judd. You're washed up. Your old and, dare I say, not even a MILF in my book anymore.

TWO SCHOOLS ON PROBATION. That's more probation than Maurice Clarett. SO MUCH PROBATION! AND STILL COACHING! I say he goes straight to jail and doesn't pass go. He can also give all his recruits to Kansas right now.

He cheats, and he uses more hair gel than all the members of Jersey Shore combined. Being a fan of a school that has the Green Game, I do not enjoy watching a coach from another school waste so much hair gel. What is Jeff Reed going to do when you waste it all Calipari? What about the douchebags? We want answers, but Calipari just won't answer.

Please join us next week on the Glenn Beck Wilt Stilts Show when we ask more questions. QUESTIONS?! MORE QUESTIONS!

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