January 7, 2010

It's that time of the year

Now, I know everyone is going on about it, but I read this story on ESPN that was just plain perplexing. Now if you haven't read the story, click on the link above. The new director of the BCS, Bill Hancock, basically does the annual PR press conference, defending the millions of dollars he gets to make no decisions.

Now, before I dive into the story, let me just bring this up. In basketball, there is a selection commitee for the tournament, and the NCAA presides over that. In football, there is an entire different entity controling the destiny of the schools. This is of course the BCS. It doesn't have to listen to the NCAA, it is on it's own, meaning it does whats good for itself, just like any other business, so to say they are doing the wrong thing isn't necessarily true. They are just doing good business for them and their clients (schools).

But let's get into this story. Essentially, Bill Hancock has the same points that every predicessor before him had. It's good for the schools, the players, the conferences and the bowls. Although I disagree with all that, I can respect schools getting their own. Money rules everything around us. But, where does that money come from. This is where the BCS loses all of their points.

Without any fans, there is no BCS, or NCAA athletics, or even sports. No fans, no money. We all know that the American fan wants a tournament. So, in the situation that goes on, you should have the BCS (corporation) working with their clients (universities) to try and please their customers (fans). The BCS doesn't fullfill these requirements. Fans (customers) are not pleased with how it works, so as a fully functioning corporation, the BCS should fix adjust their business plan.

You don't see Ford putting out inefficient cars just because they want to please their oil clients. Why? Because the customer doesn't want that, and they would go out of business. What you see in the BCS is the typicall monopoly mentality. The thing you hear of back in the 20's with the Rockafellers. The type of thing that every person doesn't like, the big corporation doing as they please, much to the chagrin of their customers and employees.

This is why the BCS is bullshit, and why every person in the nation hates them. They are the epidemy of corrupt big business, and the only way to fix such a situation is uprising. Words, only go far. We can bitch and complain all day and all night, every year in January, but it will have no effects on that big corporation. What we, as the customers, need to do is completely ignore the sport after New Years. Cut that TV revenue down, and you will cut down the wires hanging the BCS up. So, as a gesture, next year, let's just not watch, on TV. Get on Justin.tv and watch it online. Lower that revenue, and apply a little pressure on the BCS like Ndamukong Suh did to Colt McCoy in the Big 12 champoinship. Let's make a difference, because we can.

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