January 3, 2010

Jamaal? Fuck that, he's Jesuus.

There was a post on Deadspin today that kind of pissed me off. Not because it was poorly written, but that it was just poorly thought out. It's main point stemmed from the NFL giving draft picks to teams so they don't Colt it up against the Jets. I wasn't a fan of that, as was Deadspin's Barry Petchesky, but he countered it by saying that bad teams throw just as many games for draft picks as good teams do for rest. One reason why this isn't true is because those teams already suck, and being shitty, they are more likely to loose anyways, countering a good team throwing a game, who should be winning games. Then, there are always those teams who show up for the final game, just to get a payday.

The one team that was within top pick draft ability going against a contender this weekend was the Chiefs, and man did they toss that idea back at Barry. Not only did they beat a team in playoff contention, we beat them at their home. And to add even more amazement to it, this team we beat was our top rival, the Broncos. And not just to beat them, but to fucking reverse Mr. Hands them, that is what made this so sweet.

For a new decade, a new Kansas City sports outlook. With the Royals resting on Cy Young winning Zack Greinke and the Chiefs thanking the gods for their land attack of Jamaal Jesuus Charles, the pro sports appear to be turning around.  I was hoping to see Jesuus break the 1000 yard plateau in less than half a season, needing only 133, but when he broke the 133 mark, he figured another 120 would help, just for good measure. This is something we haven't seen since the likes of Marcus Allen.

So just to be clear, Jesuus can turn shit line into all pro like water to whine. He is the savior, and I guess Derrick Johnson, who got his Darren Sharper on with two picks returned for touchdowns, helps too. Neck beard didn't know what was coming, but all of us here in Kansas City know what's coming. A decade of Chiefs domination.

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