January 8, 2010

Welcome to the buffet Jim

This is a new thing we are gonna do here at Herm's Perm. Every Friday, we'll do a little photoshopping fun, and it won't have a lot of words, but it will have a lot of fun. Another new thing happening tonight, BUBB RUBB, because that fucker seems to think posting once a month is ok. He's more sporadic than Donny McNabb's passes. Of course, with the tragic unfolding of today, he was destined to post. But first, our opening Perm's Portrait.

Jim Leavitt: Wha..What is this?

Mike Leach - Well, um, how do I explain that...

Mark Mangino - (picking bits of liver out of his teeth) All I know is it tastes good, and I HAVE A BRAIN NOW. Huf huf huf huf.

Jim - ...

Mike - Ok, I can explain it. You know that Craig James' ?


(Mangino begins nawing frontal cortex)

Mike - Hahaha, no. I wish. It's just Adam James. His son.

Jim - Oh. I'm likin this. Can I get in.

Mangino - NO! (snarles at Jim)

Mike - Mark, keep it down and eat your brain. Yes, you can have this nice pancreas Jim.

Jim - (holds Adam James' pancreas above his head) BLAWAWAWAWBLAAAAAHHHHHHH. (bites pancreas like a starving velociraptor) Can we do Joel Miller next?

Mangino - FUCK AND YES!

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