January 5, 2010

I've know why the BCS suck.

It's fucking Fox. The telecasts are horrible. I was just watching the Iowa Georgia Tech game, and my roomate walked out during the pregame to say "they play the National Anthem on air?" and after realization, I realized that it's the stupidest shit ever. Unless it's the Super Bowl, and Rihanna is doing the Jamacan national anthem, then yes, feel free to watch this, and feel free to complain about it. Not a no body from small town Mississippi doing America's. There is no need. We know what it sounds like, and we know that that person can sing, and if they couldn't, they wouldn't be out there. Scrap that shit Fox.

Secondly, they have no clue how to announce. None of them. Not a single one can get names right. I sat through the TCU and Boise State game last night, and the only player I knew was Curly, and I don't even remember his first name, but I sure as hell got that last one. Anyways, for a player who is somewhat nationally known, you would assume a set of announcers would be able to not mix his name up with some other shitty Horned Frog. You'd think, but Fox proved me wrong on that one.

Then there are their shots of fans. Deadspin covered this one pretty well earlier today. Not only do they catch the fat whales on the dance team, but the grab an embarassing photo of a blind girl. Then, to cap off the evening, they ruined a couple of TCU fans by allowing America to witness their mini PMS session after the game. They are worse than than Chris Fowler, because no one watches a boring ACC regular season game, but everyone enjoys two undefeated teams.

Mainly though, of course, there is no Erin Andrews on the sidelines. That kills, especially with the lack of "talent" Fox rolls out there. So, if you want to stop all the bitching and moaning about the BCS, then move them to ABC.Then we can bitch less about the BCS, because we will be too mesmerized by Erin's brains to do anything else.

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