February 12, 2010

Perm's Portrait: You tired of 'Who Dat' yet?

New Orleans is ground zero...again. Gumbo hasn't been stirred. Jazz music hasn't been played. Levies haven't broken. The only thing functioning right now in New Orleans are livers and keg taps. That is all. Brain cells are dead. Super Bowless teams are dead. Peyton's legacy is dead.

So, since you've had enough Super Bowl bullshit, we decided to give you some more just to piss you the fuck off.

Tracy Porter might have a girls first name, but Peyton has a girlier one.  Congrats to the Saints, but seriously, next team not named the Saints that has a sign the dons the "Who Dat" can die. Texas had a sign for the KU game with such a phrase. They can go die with the New Orleans fans' livers. Don't fucking do it, OK? It's more unoriginal than Haiti earthquake jokes.

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