February 8, 2010

What dat? There are just as big of games on tonight? Well fuck me.

Yes ya'll. Saints win. We here at the Perm enjoyed the win just as much as the rest of you. It's good to know that shitty teams can still be good one day. It's also good to know that there is a Lil Wayne song soon to be born from this joyous occation. For now we'll just have to deal with this one.

But don't lose sense of your sports judgement just yet. We have plenty to go before baseball season. You can break then. There is still importance to be seen, and seen tonight.

IT'S RIVALRY WEEK ON ESPN. The best week of the year except for the week just before it and those few in March and April where madness happens. This years theme – teams that aren't rivals!

Tonight breaks off rivalry week with that epic rivalry dating back to the mid 1990's, seems so long ago now, West Virginia and Villanova. Teams that have played all of a few years since the Big East brought in West Virginia and neither team has boiled blood over the game. When the kids in Philadephia get the schedule, they circle Temple, Pitt, and maybe Georgetown or something, but ESPN doesn't like those. THEY LIKE WEST VIRGINIA. So that's what we get.

I'm not saying it's some bad match up, 4 vs 5, but it isn't a rivalry. Most rivalries are cat fighting dog and not cat and ocelot playing Chutes and Ladders. Oh we're playing Villanova? Meh.

And of course there is the main course for the Midwest in the night cap with Texas and Kansas. It's sad that ESPN considers these two schools rivals. I have the first hand perspective, but I don't think it takes Stevie Wonder to see that we aren't hated by the Longhorns, and likewise us to them. They beat the shit out of us in football, we say "MEH" and throw a beanie or something and then go back to life. We beat them in basketball. They go "MEH" and throw down their cowboy hat and go back to tipping cattle.

No rivalry there. No bad blood there. They produce cattle and beef, and in Kansas City we make bb-q. We actually live in a delicate ecosystem here. We just accept our responsibilities as schools, basketball for Kansas and football for Texas, and we just deal with it.

THEN ESPN COMES AROUND. Gotta make a rivalry here, gotta make a rivalry there. Look, I'm not a fan of Texas, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to name my kid Kevin DurantsPimp. I don't fucking care. A real rivalry is one where you have a hatred for a team and their players even after they leave their shitty school, such as Chase Daniels who won a ring last night, making the obvious, well, I like the Saints but....

So there you go. Watch these games, because they will be entertaining, but don't watch them for violence from the fans or even profanity. This will be just normal basketball with good matchups, if you think Texas' Haiti constructed team constitutes a 'matchup' against THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION. YOU'RE A FOOL IF YOU DO. JUST ASK PAUL SHIRLEY.

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