February 7, 2010

A USC Heisman winner owns a Super Bowl ring. Pete Carroll: Your thoughts?

Lane Kiffin better be crying right now. Not because Tennessee wasn't represented in the Super Bowl. Because Reggie Bush won a ring, and received as much congratulations as George W. Bush did on his tenure as President. If Heisman winner Matty Leinart had won a ring with the Cardinals, you'd think Pete Carroll would at least tweet a message of congratulations, right? Could Reggie get that kind of love?
That happens to be the latest tweet from Carroll at 8:55 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  In other words, about  two and a half hours after the Saints won. Sedrick Ellis, another USC standout under Carroll, also went unmentioned in Pete's Twitter feed.

As excited as I was after this victory, not to mention the majority of the football universe outside of Indianapolis, I can't believe that Pete neglected to congratulate one of the best players under his tenure at USC. The controversy surrounding Reggie is arguably the biggest reason why Pete left SC, and now this lack of recognition appears to be just one more nail in the coffin.

Of course Pete doesn't have to congratulate every SC player that wins a Super Bowl. He didn't give props to Polamalu after last year's Pittsburgh victory, but Polamalu didn't win Pete a National Championship and give the USC program one of its signature seven Heisman awards.

Saints defeat Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints in Miami

Maybe Pete sent a private text. A secretive thanks to Reggie for not submitting to the NCAA's probes. Regardless, it seems pretty clear that Pete's doing his best to remove himself from a USC affiliation. Real fucking classy.

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