March 30, 2010

The Final Four: now without talent!

It's the best to see mascots in real life versions. Especially that bulldog. There is no way he could beat that totally not gay Spartan. And then the Mountaineer wouldn't be able to win because you can't hit a girl. And she has a devil spike thing. The she blue devil would totally beat him with her clap slap.

As for the actually teams, congrats. You did exactly what I wanted you to do. RUIN THE RATINGS. Yeah fuck you NCAA. I saw you trying to expand to 96 teams to help get a few extra dollars in your new TV deal. You guys are assholes. 96 teams would just up the upsets, and no one likes Northern Iowa upsets of Kansas. NO ONE.

This also takes all the fun of watching talented players. This years best player in the Final Four: Gordon Hayward? Maybe? Jon Scheyer?

This is stupendously bad. But at least the Wildcats were booted. Both of them.

Whatever. I'll be fine with Butler winning so I can make a championship photoshop with a bulldog wearing sunglasses, because he's too fucking cool for away Final Four games.

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