March 28, 2010

Drinking games - Elite 8 (2)

Oh it appears I miss judged the NCAA's always fluctuating schedule for the elite eight games. Why do these games start so early? Fucking Jesus is still having sermon. You guys are assholes. Anyways, since it's Sunday, drinking games must be done with Fanzia in a Diet Coke can.

Half way through the Michigan State and Tennessee game and you need to get drunk fast, therefore, you drink for underdog two pointer and drink for every foul.

Also, drink when Mercedes employs Mad Men's Jon Hamm to do the voiceover for their downtown Manhattan cars.


– Korey Lucious balls up (to your judgement) = take 3 drinks
– Wayne Chism goes into BEAST MODE and takes off his headband = take 6 drinks
–Brian Williams gets an offensive rebound = 2 drinks
–Mentioning of the 5 or 6 vs the 5 seed in the final four = 4 drinks
–Michigan State losses and Tennessee makes Lane Kiffin jealous = shot gun your can of Franzia

DUKE VS BAYLOR - 5:05 est

LaceDarius Dunn lives up to his first two names by being an effing badass = 3 drinks
Tweety Carter makes a three or assists on the three = 2 drinks
Duke acts gay = drink at discretion
Jon Scheyer looks like Mculley Culkin = 1 drink
Kyle Singler sings about "ler" = 1 million hits of oxy codone
Coach K makes another final four = KILL YOUR SELF
Baylor competes their destiny and makes this the most bullshit tournament in history = drink til your hearts content

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