April 1, 2010

Sooner the violations the better

YOU CAN'T AFFORD A TURNOVER! Oh wait, yeah you can.
If there is one thing the University of Oklahoma knows it's thunderstorms, but they have been making strides in other areas. One of which is the NCAA violations rule book. The leader in this advancement, Mr. Gallon. Tiny Gallon to be exact. Supposedly Tiny has been getting his "insert USC scandal player here" on.

You know you are an awesome program when you don't learn from your mistakes. I think that's the saying. OU has been on probation for the past few years thanks to Kelvin Sampson's speed dial and Rhett Bomar and his ability to fix cars without ever being in the vivacity of that car. That shit will get you a free ride to Sam Houston State.

So, moral of the story is make sure that you don't go to Oklahoma unless you are pursuing a law degree. They have plenty of opportunities for you there. Also, if you are a recruit, maybe staying away from the dark red and/or maroon teams would be a good idea. Just a thought. Fuck, even Mississippi State has some recruiting violations. This must be why John Calipari hasn't been caught sneaking his underground money pipeline to the hearts of five star athletes. Can't have violations if you are blue. Or AWESOME!

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