August 18, 2009

KU's Alcoholism has Gone Far Enough!

Junior basketball guard Chase Buford's impact on the basketball court may be minimal, but his actions this past July are impacting the livers of his thousands of classmates.

Okay, that might be a little presumptuous. I've taken Alcohol Edu twice. Two more times than all of you whining KU students. So shove it. You will never get those four to five hours of your life back. It's not AA, but it sure damn feels like it.

If you want to make the best of this, take a shot every time you have to sit through one of those two-minute videos where the kids bash the Jesus juice and pretend like a sober collegiate experience is a realistic scenario.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a student at KU, and we do have to do alcohol education. Thanks.