August 20, 2009

What?! No Word Yet from Erin Calipari

So, as many college fans have also found out today, Memphis was hit with some fire from the NCAA today. According to them, Memphis failed to exist in 2008, joining the '96 UMASS team in the black hole of college sports seasons. But wait. There was something familiar about these two instances. Was it the the fact that they are both mid-major? No. Hmmm. Was it the lack of white people? Absolutely not. UMASS is stacked with white folks. Damn what was that one common denominator?
Oh yeah, John Calipari. The man with the Don Draper salesman hairstyle. The one that took two different mid-major teams to the final four, only to have those teams erased from existence. The one that currently resides at the winning-est basketball school in America. Yeah, that John Calipari.

Yet, Calipari goes entirely unharmed throughout all the allegations. Either he is the best cover up man since Antonio Pierce, or the NCAA is afraid to sanction a coach at one of the most important basketball schools in the nation. Either way he must be locked up. Restricted from the land of 21 ft. three pointers. He brings out what we all hate in college basketball, which is Italians.

Also, on a semi-side note, Erin Calipari usually has a witty response to accusations about her dad and right now she is silent. I'm watching and waiting and praying for that status update.

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