August 17, 2009

Stras-full Negotiations

Let's look at the Nationals 2009 stat line. 43-75 record on pace to lose 100 games. Dead last in the National League in ERA, batting average against, OPS, WHIP and quality starts. It's ok though. Don't worry yourselves DC fans, 'cuz you drafted the surest thing since....ever. Yet, the Nationals management has so far failed in signing the guy, who was drafted in early June, and today is the deadline for the Nats to sign him.

Forget that fact that waiting two and a half months to sign him keeps him off the field for that long. Also forget that Strasburg, would potentially be Opening Day material for Washington next year with the three months of minor league experience under his belt. None of this matters 'cuz right now, it doesn't look optimistic for Washington fans who had their guy opt out last year.

The fact the DC isn't throwing a multiple millions at the kid is completely unreasonable. What do that Nationals have to loose? They are absolutely abysmal in every single starting pitching category and Strasburg would improve the team right away.

Honestly, how many people could name the Nats' starters this year? I know I couldn't without the help of ESPN. Infact I couldn't give you a single name. John Lannan, Craig Stammen, Garett Mock, J.D. Martin, and Collin Balester. Any of those sound familiar? Sure don't to me. I almost wonder if the Nationals just pick their starting pitchers by whether they have double, adjacent consonants in their names. Lannan, Stammen, Garett, Collin. I would almost bet that more people know who Strasburg is, and he hasn't spent a day in the majors.

So, If the Nationals were to sign anyone this offseason, this is the guy. Money should not be an issue. Getting this guy on the field ASAP should be the issue, and clearly that's not the case for DC. I pray to god that they sign them, just for the 3 fans that are still loyal. But, then again, the Royals might have the top pick next year.

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