December 31, 2009


Wow. Just fucking wow.


I know, they are America's defense and all, so a win for them is a win for the country. That's great, but wow. Mizzou couldn't even handle a school that is in the independent league?

If you're going to pull this weak ass shit on bowl day, then you can take yourself to the Big10. Go ahead. Please leave.

Believe me, I wanted you here Mizzou. As a KU student, I wanted you. This rivalry is what makes me whole every year. The wins in baskeball are what make me live through much of the negatives of the year, but losing to NAVY?

Just leave. Close the door behind you. We'll find ourselves a school that can handle D-II schools consistently. NAVY?!

I could have led a team to a win against Navy. Stephen Hawkings could have won this game. Terri Shaivo could have won this game. Grow a fucking pair and help out the Big 12, or go off and enjoy the group gay sex that is the Big 10. Fuck you, and enjoy raping camels in your new conference you douches.



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