December 29, 2009

Temple-UCLA live blog

If you started reading this because you actually thought it was going to be a live blog of the Temple-UCLA EagleBank Bowl, go fist yourself. Get John Cheney in pads, and then we'll talk.

I actually put every piece of sports news or gossip that has materialized in the last week in a hat and drew one because whatever I randomly chose would be better than watching the fucking EagleBank Bowl.

Apparently the academics at world-renowned Quinnipiac University released a new, totally ground-breaking national poll* today that showed most people want college football to scrap the BCS and move to a playoff system.

[*It should be noted that results of the poll may be intentionally skewed due to Quinnipiac's bitterness over being left out of the BCS.]

Quinnipiac also released a poll that showed most people would rather sit down to a steak and potatoes dinner than get nailed to a cross and thrown in a river by their mother-in-law.

I mean, seriously. I hope not a single dollar was spent developing and executing that poll.

From the Associated Press:

"College football fans are not in love with the current system in which two teams that play for the national championship are picked by computers, sportswriters and coaches," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "Settle the question on the field, voters say more than two-to-one."

I'm... I'm... speechless. That is all.

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