January 10, 2010

Now, we talkin bout practice.

There are those days when you feel the weight of the world crushing on you. Days like this effect so many people. Days like Princess Diana's death, and JFK's death change you as a person. For me, this is one. Maybe it's just the shots talking, but FUCK AND NO.

Now, we here at the Perm have had a rough weekend. USC losing Pete Carrol, and the Patriots losing in a wild card game, very decisively might I add. All through the mess of the weekend, I had remained almost completely unscathed. The Chiefs have been done for a week, the Royals are the Royals, but my one positive fanship was doing just fine.

Then this happened.

As depressing as it seems, I currently know two things that will happen to this team. Just ask Bubb, I know this team just as well as anyone else in the state of Kansas. I know who will be subbed in. I know what Bill Self will do. I also know when a team isn't playing up to it's potential, and that was the '10 Jayhawks to this point.

So, knowing the Jayhawks as well as anyone could that is not a part of the team, I know that this team will become the #1 Jayhawks of '08. This loss only encourages our teary eyed talents to realize that they are underperforming. And just like the website, we pursuit the goal of turning under performing, into over paid.

The schedule shows Nebraska next on Wednesday, an unfortunate victim of Kobe Bryanting. But, our schedule produces much more talent. Kansas State and Mizzou twice, Texas Tech and A&M as well as Baylor, and of course Texas. All of these teams will see the havoc wreacked from this loss, because, for the second thing I know, there will be no more losses for the Jayhawks.

Now, after a weekend of horrible sadmess, a night for recovery, and by recovery, I mean shots. And lots of shots at that. Although I feel the future to be bright, I still have this hole in me that can only be filled with gin. I plan on completing that hole and making me whole tonight, just as the Jayhawks will make themselves whole from holes left from this loss. The best is yet to come from the Jayhawks, and I hope you enjoy it with us here at the Perm.

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