January 28, 2010

PermCast - Jan. 29 - We love not talking about sports

We've hardly touched the Cast for the past few months. Tonight, out of the blue, we reached back in the bag of tricks and dusted off that dirty old PermCast. You can tell we are a little rough from the weeks of non-casting, but it still entertains (retards maybe "OH SOUNDS"). One positive is a little sneak preview at the end of the PermCast for all of you and a dope ass song. Everyone loves songs right? Oh right, Helen Keller. Well you aren't Helen Keller, so LISTEN. FUCK. YES. ONE LOVE - HERM EDWARDS.

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And if this doesn't work, just click on the Perm pic above. It will get you there too, just like Greg Oden's penis.

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