January 29, 2010

Perm's Portrait - Fresh meat.

We have all heard of the Greg Oden indecent. He and his lady (I hope) friend were having a little sexting, when all of a sudden, Oden wanted to get his Maxim on. What's a guy supposed to do when you have these urges? Call a photographer? Expensive. Volunteer for a nude portrait at a painting class at the YMCA? Too much meth.

What did Greg do? He found the closest mirror and snapped himself a self portrait. Of course, now the world knows of the Oden penis, and so do NCAA colleges. One of which has actually offered up a scholarship for Lil' Oden. (NSFW)

Welcome to the Jayhawks, Greg Oden's penis. With the big game on Saturday looming, Bill Self went out and tried to bolster his "big" men. Boy did he get that position filled. I've also heard that Lil' Oden has a great short range shot, but not so good from long range. We talked to Bill Self about his new recruit today outside Wescoe Beach.

"Well, we all knew we were a little lacking in girth," Self said, "And even with the twins' strength gain, they haven't been as dominant in the paint as we'd hoped, so we made a call to the NCAA."

Bill Self put a call into the NCAA regulations commission to see how many years of eligibility would be left of Greg Oden's Penis, if any. They got back to coach Self, telling him that the Penis is usually the smallest appendage on a man's body, so normally it would be all four years, but considering the size, girth and length, they would have to put a limit on the amount of dick the Jayhawks can start.

This addition, of course, just adds to the already big balls-ed Sherron Collins making for a hell of a one two punch. Kansas plays K-State tomorrow at 7 pm eastern.

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