January 22, 2010

Perm's Portrait - NFC championship dreams

As most of you know, the NFC championship game has played out like the television ratings would have liked. Vikings and Saints are doin it dirty in the south this weekend, and although the Vikings trio (Rice, Peterson, and Favre) carried me to a championship in my fantasy league, there is no need for me to affiliate with SexBoats anymore. Thank god for that.

You may not know, but we here at the Perm dislike Favre. I know, I know. He is so damn likable, but we have this weird hatred towards Brett fucking Favre. Therefore, if all goes well according to our logistics, stats, and computer simulations (we literally do none of these things) this should be the outcome outcum on Sunday night.

Drew Brees - Why are you so loose?

Favre - Oh, well me and ESPN go way back, spending nights alone in Bristol, making snow angels and playing hopscotch. Oh, and sexing.

Brees - (groans) HOW YOU LIKE DEM SAINTS! (continues raping)

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