October 7, 2009

B(r)eak 'Em (Rules) Hawks

Look who can't get enough press. Tyshawn Taylor. Speculation out of Lawrence today states that we have ourselves another fuck up, to say it lightly.

On September 13th, Markieff Morris, forward for the #1 Jayhawks, had a little fender bender on 17th and Tennessee (only three blocks away from the school's bars, but that's beside the point). According to the police report, Markieff was driving former Kansas forward, and Lawrence resident, Scott Pollard's Tahoe.

Let that soak in a bit.

 And he had a 16 year old in the car after midnight.


We all know this is most likely another violation of NCAA policies, and it couldn't come at a worse time as KU was only days away from getting off of probation on the 11th of this month. It looks ugly, especially with the happenings of the past few weeks.

Luckily for all KU fans, there is some sort of reasoning for why Scott Pollard's car was harboring Morris. This is where Tyshawn Taylor gets involved. After this story was released, there was a statement from KU reporting that Taylor had actually been recently sold the car by Pollard. It's sketchy, but completely legal under NCAA rules. From starting brawls and breaking pinkies to saving the day. That's what Tyshawn does, and eerily similar to the way he performs on the court.

Although all of this may not have any new sanctions on the school, it just adds to the list of ever increasing thug life in rural Kansas. KANSAS? THUGS? YES!

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