November 17, 2009

Live Blog anyone?

No, really. Anyone? Well if you do, we are gonna do one of those via our twitter. All you have to do is follow us and BAM, you have you're liveblog live from your phone for the KU Memphis, and SouthCentral High School USC Riverside North High school UC Riverside games. It's funny, this would be a live blog right here, but someone *cough*BubbRubb*cough* had to go to his game, if you even want to call it that. Being that the KU game is in St. Louis, which makes about as much sense as playing the USC-UCLA game in Reno, I will be doing it from my home couch. Currently Michigan State just capped a comeback against the Zags to pull a 2 point lead. This is where we will begin. Remember, go to twitter. Follow. Read. Relish in the awesomness.

She is for sure from Memphis.
Fuck you, Wilt. What you have in talent, we make up for in, er, brute strength.

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