November 21, 2009

Mangino's "fiya!" level

So, for this KU Texas game, I have the upset, but I also have a hatred towards Mangino. Five losses in a row doesn't do much for the confidence factor. So, for this game, a semi-liveblog, but instead of actual comments, me just saying how much closer Mangino gets to getting fired. Let's begin with the first Jayhawk drive.

Third down play and Reesing with a throw, almost picked. What I missed (as did the refs) was some burnt orange ass hands-to-the-facing Meier. No call. What I forgot about my prediction in Friday was the referee factor which will be basically Texas' 12th man.  Good drive ruined thanks to the refs. Mangino increases to not the inside of the hotpocket hot seat.

Three and out by the defense. His hot seat is cooling like after a Kansas thunder storm.

Todd sacked on an unevaded attack form the outside linebacker. Offensive line coach Mangino's hot seat just felt a bit of "An Inconvenient Truth."

Easy touchdown Texas. Defense still shitty, no matter how much that first stop disagrees. The seat is like a lukewarm hotplate in Hashinger Hall. Not only is it hot, but it's fucking illegal. His dorm room is HOT (the police term). I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

Screen to Meier. One man to beat for the first down, and he comes up 4 yards short. Sums up how this year has gone for the Jayhawks. Have the chances and should have pulled it off, but come up way short. The seat might be melting by the time this game is over.

Trying to help save Mangino's career, fellow disappointment, Defensive End Jeff Wheeler with a forced fumble. KU with the recovery. Slight cooling. Very slight.

Not happy with the play calling. Although a good drive, the last play call was horrible. Dump everyone in the endzone. I guess that is our game plan in the red zone. Field goal certainly doesn't hurt though. Should have had a TD. Mangino just dumped an ice tea on his hot seat. Well done. For now.

Again emphasizing our poor defense. Another easy touchdown pass for Colt McCoy. Mangino's ice tea dump on the seat isn't doing much to put out the fiya! I'm happy though. Gary Patterson to KU. NOW. HORNED FROGS ALL THE WAY.

Another horrible redzone offensive possession. Gotta like the offense, up til the 20. Man up Mangino. Fucking punch one in or you're done. This seat is gonna ignite with another faulty redzone possession.

If you were gonna give it to them the ball like that (onside kick) then we should have gone for it on fourth down. Big balls Mangino using his big balls in the wrong way. The drive ends with a three and out, but in field goal range already, Texas puts one through. Not as bad as it should have been. But jesus do we need a TD now.

Three and out from the 20. That was just a Texas owning on defense, no so much Mangino's fault. Still, very warm on that seat. Almost like a lasagna just brought out of the oven.

Apparently the refs have no interest in calling crack back blocks on our most promising defensive players. No big deal, but when his knee goes inside out, you can blame yourself Big 12. Another simple as pie touchdown by the Longhorns. Mangino has just hit combustible levels of hot seat.

First down with over minute to go. Hand off. Hand off. Hand off. Gutsy call you fat fuck. You've lost my liking of you, but wasting a minute, with a 18 pt deficit. Really? You're not even gonna try and get a chance TD. Fuck your mom. Fuck baby Mangino. Fuck you in the ass. You are gone. Gone like Kanye West. Gone like racism in the oval office. Gone like democracy in America. FUCKING GONE!

Texas with that minute Mark gave them, has no problem bringing the ball down to field goal range. This has clearly enraged me, to the point of wanting to drive to Austin and kill that fat faced  taco muncher. This is like giving Peyton Manning the ball with a minute left to win the game without at least trying to balls it. At least Belichick had a pair of nuts. Texas with the field goal before half. Game over. Both for KU and Mangino's career. His seat has boiled over finally. It's going to have to be a Robert Downey Jr. comeback for him to keep his job. Have fun in the 10% employment. You will single handedly increase that percentage by 5%. Get it you fat fuck. You're a fat fuck.

Now onto the second half. Still hasn't done a thing to try and keep his job. No crazy blitz. No yelling at the players that get's them fired up. Nothing. The defense walks into a stop. Texas with a pooch kick. I've always wondered why it's called a pooch kick. Is it because you punt dogs this way? So to make it less Mike Vick friendly they called it a pooch kick? Meh, we suck either way. If we don't score here ...I'll ... I can't threaten anything else. Just do it.

Ok...What. The. Fuck. Where was this Mangino? Where was this play calling? Texas is stunned. I think they thought it was over, as did I. Not that this improves a lot, but it's a step in the right direction. Still a ways to go to win your job back. A defensive stop and this could get quite cool.

No, it's ok. Mangino is still a fuck up. One play. One touchdown. Burn in hell you diabetic fuck.

Wow Mangino. Just fucking wow. We fail to complete two plays. The line did little to stop the defensive line. Then a 50 yard field goal that does nothing to help the Jayhawks. Go for it. Give it a damn shot. You can't win if you don't risk it.

 Wow. Texas with the dick sucked by the refs. Arist Wright pushes Colt down milliseconds after the throw. Flag. On an incomplete third down play none the less. This is also a play where Calvin Rubles railed Shipley. Not sure why Calvin hasn't been on the field more. That was the second anal rape he's had in the last two drives. This is why Mangino is fired.

Now, I know this game is over, but when the ball is spotted extremely close to not being a first down, you bring the chains out. Fucking play by the rules Big 12. This is the third time in three games against Texas where the refs just don't give us a chance. I don't want your "it's revenue, we need them undefeated." The game is fucking over. Just let us put a TD up. Fuck you Big 12. Fuck you like Mangino. Just fuck college football in general. This is what is wrong with the college football scene. To get someone a guaranteed national championship, a ref squad is told to call it a certain way. BCS causes this bull shit. It happens every year. This year the SEC had it big time. Someone needs to come out and point out that the refereeing isn't making an even game because of the BCS system. It's what the fucking NBA does, and yet college football doesn't get shit for it.

This sport is so fucking corrupt that the system just needs to be blown up and restarted. No one likes seeing this shit. NO FUCKING ONE. Anyways, another 3 points for Texas. Magino still on the chopping board. Guillotine that fat fucker.

 Todd with a pick. Kerry just fell over. Fuck Mangino. 

Another face fuck easy TD. Defensive coaching is shit. Offensive coaching is shit. Personal coaching is shit. Special Teams is extra shit. If this wasn't cause for firing, I don't know what is. Bring on Patterson baby. Bring him here. He will turn us into a national championship school. Lew Perkins, this would be your legacy. Two basketball championships and a championship in football, and hiring the coach who wins it. He is the man. HORNED FROGS. I'm done GOODNIGHT. Oh and Dez Briscoe for a return TD. Thanks for getting more NFL potential so you can leave us early. Fuck Mangino.

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