December 9, 2009

Good job voters, now we decide.

Since you couldn't come to a damn conclusion to the name of our domain, we are now taking over. As you can see on the right, both and are now deadlocked. Polls have closed assholes. We ask for one thing from our viewers, and they can't even do that. I guess we will just have to do this shit ourselves.

So, because Bubb and I have had discussions on the name, we have agreed on one name. The list of reasons are as long as Santa's wish list.

1. Herm sperm- it looks like that to the untrained eye

2. That's it

So enjoy the old domain until Friday, and then get ready for the NEW ONE. Switchover will probably occur somewhere between 5pm and 11pm. As for the rest of the week, expect podcasts. I don't really want to think anymore, with the whole finals thing next week, and the whole "just bought Call of Duty" thing. So permcasts for everyone. Yaaaaaaaay!


Wilt and Bubb-alitious

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