December 10, 2009

He's a brick (dunna dun-a) WALL

Who is 6 foot 3 with a dick the size of Manhattan? John Fucking Wall. It only took me one game to realize how fucking incredible he is. His speed, as Kenny Mayne would say, is incedniary. Vision, like an eagle with prescription sunglasses. Athleticism that only makes sense if it was gentically engineered. He is fucking ay-may-zing.

I have resented John Wall for the past 5 months after his signing with Kentucky. He was supposed to go to Kansas (as is every other good player. It should be a no brainer right?), but he didn't. That doesn't piss me off though, as long as he ends up at UCLA, Pitt or even UNC. BUT FUCKING KENTUCKY?! Christ, Kentucky only has a decent program because of KU. 

Adolph Rupp. I'm sure you've heard that name before. If you haven't, well he was the person that made Kentucky basketball, Kentucky basketball, instead of Arkansas basketball, or just SEC basketball in general. Oh, and he FUCKING PLAYED FOR KU. He worked at the damn Hawk bar for christs sake. He was taught by the guy whos name is on the arena at KU. HE WAS BORN IN KANSAS.

Anyways, to get back to my point, fuck you John Wall. Learn your damn history before you pick the child school over the parent school. Not only is that team known as good because of Kansas basketball, but the coach that recruited you was a FUCKING KU ASSISTANT. Kentucky might as well be known as KU East.  Or University of East Kansas. It all works.

It just gets on my damn nerves. Derrick Rose did the same thing in choosing John Calipari over KU in '07, but then he repaid us in '08 with his free throw percentage. I still think he was trying to give us the win on that. Lack luster defense on Sherron Collins bringing it up the court, and barely a hand in Mario Chalmers' face. Maybe one day, John Wall will have a chance to give back to his parent school, just like his Calipari recruited predecessors before him. Maybe one day he will be able to look back and say "I took a loss for my daddy, KU." Or he won't, and I'll curse up a fucking storm in a blog post. Either way, the readers win. Stay tuned to find out.

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