December 11, 2009

Look ma! Just got out of our pampers

This is a post reminding you that we are moving to It will be happening within the hour. I know, I know. You want to help, but we tried that already, and you failed. It's ok though, we still love you. In fact, it's this affection we have towards you that is causing us to make these changes.

Change 1 - As we have already alluded to, will now be officially known as

Change 2 - New logo on the top. New permed Herm. New Font. AWESEOME.

Change 3 -  Easier to read color. I know that black background is giving you 90 somethings some trouble, so to fix the problem, we have gone to the lab and made a brand new color. It's called light green. It will be our new background with black text. BRILLIANT!

Change 4 - NEW WRITER! More midwest bias. That's what you want, right? Well fuck it, you got it. He posted earlier, and make sure to check it out. He's a GODDAMN IRISH! Aren't you excited? We will be playing 99 bottles of beer on the wall at any moment now.

Finally, it sounds like custom Herm's Perm shirts will be on order soon. The design is being tossed around, but we should have something for you to look at and buy soon. Yes, you will pay. It's not Free.99 for everything. This is AMERICA, not France.

So, thanks for the support, and don't be bewildered when you try to go to the former URL, because I don't think it will work, but if you forget, go to Twitter or Facebook and our pages will have the update.


Wilt Stilts

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