March 23, 2010

Welcome all, if you're still there....nope.

We've been on an extended retreat for the past few weeks here at the Perm. You might actually think that we forgot about the thing entirely, but that's not true. Just Bubb has. As for me, well, get ready. Make sure you're sitting down, and have a non erect penis, because erected is what it's going to be in just a second.

We are making changes in a general way to help you differentiate us from the KSK's and Lowposts of the world. This is because we haven't had a ton of traffic and haven't had a whole lot of response to our blogging topics, and due to our busy schedules, it's hard to find a topic that is Perm worthy. 

So, to help us in our quest for funny shit that you will enjoy, for your viewing pleasure we have decided to become strictly a College Sports HUMOR BLOG!!!!!!! :). This is because we are in college, and our closest love of sports resides in our colleges. Now, when we say strict, we don't mean in the Catholicism sense, we mean more of a, just don't abort the baby and you'll be fine meaning. 

We may venture into NBA draft stuff (sniffles, makes a memorial in closet with voodoo Sherron Collins) and NFL from time to time because it's college stuff really. Also, we (I) will begin doing things that are college oriented. No more Chiefs coverage, and as always, no baseball coverage, except for the occasional "look at Erin Andrews at the College World Series, I might just have to drive up there and take her to the Omaha Zoo and do her like a primate in their natural surroundings" from time to time. 

So enjoy and please don't worry. I will be back tomorrow with some stuff. Probably my memorial to the '10 Jayhawks who were brutally murdered by UNI. Fuck you Iowa. Fuck you in your gay ass. GAYS ARE GAY, NOT MARRIED. COMPRENE IOWA?!

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