September 28, 2009

It's Inappropriate to Make Light of This Incident

USC's Senior Tailback Stafon Johnson dropped the bench press bar, which probably weighed no less than a "Biggest Loser" contestant, on his FUCKING NECK this morning. This reportedly (and understandably) led to Johnson spitting up blood and getting a trip to the hospital. In the unlikely chance that this injury ruins his football career, Johnson will surely have a bright future selling neck-strengthening equipment.

In honor of Stafon's trooper-ness, here are some other gruesome sports injuries. Soccer has been excluded because players flop so often that any apparent injury, no matter how legitimate it appears, has lost all credibility.

Shaun Livingston's knee collapses like an Al-Quada target

FOOTBALL LEG BREAK - Watch more Funny Videos
Just like Houston's 2009 season: off to a fast start, but is bound to snap

Close your eyes, Stafon

Let's end with some humor, because it's impossible not to laugh at the expense of a fattie

So far, the Trojans have succeeded in covering up the real person who was supposed to be spotting for Stafon. Get well soon, buddy.

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